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PUBLISHER: Blizzard Entertainment


In addition DIABLO III: REAPER OF SOULS YOU WAITING FOR A NEW ACT, another hero of additional varieties monsters and other nice new features ...

About the game:

* After the death of the Lord of Terror Diablo Sanctuary finally have come a fertile days. However, it was not there. At this time, the world has penetrated some powerful dark entity, deceitfully which has not yet been disclosed. Reaper of Souls - it´s a welcome addition to the legendary game in the genre of action-RPG Diablo III.
* Vanished in ancient times, the fallen angel of wisdom Maltael back with the black stone of the soul. It sharpened the lord of the Underworld, having escaped, they can cause irreparable harm. However, there is resistance to evil - a new hero - a crusader. New game class is impenetrable armor, heavy shield and deadly weapons. He also owns a combat magic, weakening the enemy and ally-giving force.


- In the story Reaper of Souls appeared Maltael fallen angel who hates the same people and demons and wants to destroy them all with his legion of angels of death. Stop the villain will help new hero - Crusader.

- In addition a lot of attention is paid to the improvement of the key elements of the game Diablo: more randomly generated maps, new jobs and terrifying monsters; significant changes in production - new and improved multi-level legendary items of different levels, new opportunities to create objects in the blacksmith and jeweler, and much more.
03.02.2017 17:28:25
Все отлично!
27.12.2016 22:03:29
Спасибо продавцу !Все сделано быстро и оперативно,товар пришел сразу.
18.12.2016 21:26:28
Все отлично. Спасибо за ключ.
06.12.2016 13:46:56
брать надо на проверенном ресурсе. Plati - это реально нормальные продавцы. Реальные цены и товар. все четко.
16.11.2016 18:20:55
17.12.2015 22:35:10
Ключ уже был использован - обменяли в течение 10 минут. Все в порядке, продавец надежный.
14.11.2015 6:55:16
Все отлично. Спасибо.
25.12.2014 23:24:47
спасибо! буду рад подарку

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