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You buy Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY for Steam.attentionRegion: Russia + CIS
Language: English </ attention>

The critically acclaimed game "Batman: Arkham Asylum" (English Batman: Psychiatric Arkham) is back in the new edition of "The Game of the Year", which includes 4 new maps for the test mode. New maps for the test mode - Alley of crimes; The Scarecrow´s Nightmare; Complete madness and Night hunter (the last two - from the set of cards "Mad night").

• Use the unique FreeFlow ™ combat system and easily create endless combinations of hits during close combat with huge Joker groupings;
• Investigate the role of Batman, the greatest detective in the world, and solve complex puzzles with tools such as X-ray vision, fingerprint scanner, amido-black spray and a pheromone tracer.
• Challenge Gotham´s greatest villains like Joker, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Killer Croc.
• Become an invisible predator with Batman, having a unique surveillance camera, move imperceptibly to enemies and exterminate them without unnecessary noise.
• Choose among many methods of extermination of enemies, including, you can dive on the enemy from the sky or stun him through the wall.
• Explore every inch of the Arkham Psychiatric Hospital, move freely around the infamous island, first presented so realistically.
• Experience what it is like to be Batman using betarangs, explosive gel, bootleg, code sequencer and crossover.
• Open even more secrets, performing hidden tasks, and get for them additional experience points that you can spend on developing and customizing your outfit.
• Enjoy the complete freedom of Batman´s superhero using the hook to get to any place that you see, or jumping from any height and hovering in any direction.
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